Synergies between cable materials and machinery

Roblon’s longtime experience and knowledge of cable fibers and cable machinery offer our customers a wide range of benefits, as we hold the necessary expertise about both the manufacturing of the fibers and how to use the materials for the cable manufacturing. We combine our experience and knowledge of cable fibers and cable machinery to better understand our customer’s needs enabling us to offer future-oriented and efficient products. 

Spezialised in development of high-tech fibre products

Reinforcing vital cables

Fiber optic cables connect societies across the globe. That requires strong reinforcement.

We process the reinforcement fibers, that protect vital cables. The main component of the reinforcement fibers is usually fiber glass, aramid or FRP, but we add value to the fibers by applying a special functional coating. The main purpose of this coating is to make the fibers robust in production, adding water-blocking properties, or increase rodent resistance.

Cable binders, servers, and precision winders

As a world leading manufacturer of cable-making equipment, we also spezialise in binders, servers, and precision winders. The machines are designed to handle different types of fiber, from ultra low shrinkage polyester yarns to glass fiber strength members.