Fiber solutions for extreme environments

Nature is powerful. So are our fiber solutions.

Whether onshore or offshore, our products are well suited for the energy industry. Our various strapping solutions are defined by low weight and high strength. This makes them suitable as securing seals on wind turbine wing rods and as attachment of cable entries at the seabed.

Similarly, our high voltage pulling rope is a strong, lightweight rope with dielectric properties. The ropes are suitable for demanding environments and for live-line stringing as well as maintenance operations, where the safety of a non-conductive rope is essential.

Development and counselling

We possess extensive knowledge of material behaviour and performance in marine environments, and our state-of-the-art test facilities enable us to test and document material performance in various environments.

Our expertise and counseling are relevant in a wide range of projects with high demands for endurance, flexibility, and high performance. We strive to create innovative and tailormade solutions, which will support present and future demands.