Roblon launches new Server with optional yarn tension control system

In the fiber optical cable industry where requirements to cable dimensions and tolerances are getting smaller and narrower, the requirement for reliable and precisely controlled process parameters are getting more and more essential. In the process of applying strength members to fiber optic cable, elements such as wear, dust, temperature, etc., can have a high impact on the tension accuracy of which the strength members are being applied.

This is true whether it is con­trolled application of strength members around the highly sen­sitive fiber packed cable center or precise and uniform lay of the same strength members to ensure quality in the extrusion process where an ever-decreas­ing cable sheath thickness is setting high demands. Tension control is becoming an increas­ingly important and vital aspect in the efficient production of quality cables.

Accurate Tension Monitoring & Control

The well-known Server SE-12/18/24 available from Roblon is right there with its newly developed tension control system. This tension control capability enables customers to accurately control and monitor tension when applying performance fibers such as aramid yarns and flexible glass strength members as well as GFRP.
The Roblon tension control system offers features such as the following:
  • Tension monitoring of each payoff position.
  • Closed-loop feedback control of each payoff position.
  • Up to 24 payoff positions.
  • Tension tolerance ±10% at disc speed < 150 rpm.
  • Tension tolerance ±15% at disc speed > 150 rpm.
  • Trigger alarm based on actual tension.
  • Adjustable high and low limits trigger tension deviation alarm.
  • Recipe menu for product changeover.


Reliable & Versatile Tension Control System Design

Roblon’s new tension control system has been designed for high reliability and versatility.
The tension control system is based on a highly stable load cell system, which is easily calibrated in order to accommodate various types of perfor­mance fibers.

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