Roblon launches new website and visual identity

During the latest years, Roblon has been through extensive changes with increased focus on the industrial fiber business segment and expanding the business in the USA. To reflect our position as a global, innovative company, supplying competitive high-performance fiber solutions and technologies innovative, we now present a new visual identity and website that matches our core values, visions and future goals and positions Roblon as one of the world's strongest players in the market.
You will experience our new website as welcoming and intuitive with a strong visual character. The navigation and information architecture have been improved making it easier for customers, investors and others with interest in Roblon to find the information and contact persons, they are looking for. For example, the content has been divided into 5 industrial areas that makes it easier and faster to find relevant product information within a specific industry.
The new website also presents a range of new features such as improved product information and the possibility for downloading data sheets describing the technical capabilities of our products. You will also find new content, such as products, cases and news. Not to mention an increased focus on our capabilty to create custom innovated soultions across industries. 
From now on you will see our new identity unfolding on different materials and platforms and we hope you will receive it positively.  

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