Fiber reinforced composite tapes

We have been supplying the oil and gas industry with advanced composite materials and fiber reinforced composite tapes for decades. Today we hold updated technical documentation on all tape products, also those applied in harsh and tough environments.

Composite reinforcement tape can be part of various composite material designs, e.g. anti-birdcage tapes, reinforcement of submarine cables, strapping systems, safety nets, and for reinforcement of thermoplastic pipes.


Supplied for various applications.

Roblon A/S has been supplying fiber reinforced composite tapes for the oil and gas
industry for decades, and during the last years, Roblon has intensivated the focus on
the technical documentation on the various tape products. This means, that especially
for the application in harsh and tough environment, the documentation is fully up to

Composite reinforcement tape can be supplied for various applications; eg. Anti-
Birdcage Tapes, Reinforcement of submarine cables, strapping systems, safety nets and for reinforcement of thermoplastic pipes.

Key features

  • Made from various types of high-performance fibres and coatings 


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