Flexible, strong and low-weight lines and ropes

Our series of advanced composite materials includes coated lines and ropes that offer flexibility, high strength, and low weight.

The coated lines and ropes are made of aramid fibers and coated with various types of jacketing material depending on their application. The high-strength lines and ropes are non-corrosive and suitable for extremely harsh environments.

Roblon coated lines and ropes are applicable in a variety of composite materials, e.g.

  • strength members for subsea power cables and umbilicals
  • chemical plants, water treatment plants, raw sewage, and manure handling
  • streamer ropes for seismic applications
  • conveyor lines for recycling and sorting
  • conveyor systems for animals


Various applications where high strength is required.

Key features

  • Durable high-performance fibres and thermoplastic jacket material
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • The coated lines are available in various thicknesses from 3.5mm up to 20 mm as standard - and in different materials depending on the properties required
  • The coated lines are either supplied loose in a cardboard box or on a flange reels, depending on quantity 


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