Composite fiber tape for anti-bird caging

Our series of advanced composite materials includes composite tape. The fiber tape is often used for anti-bird caging on flexible risers and anti-extrusion tape on composite pipes. This composite fiber tape is the optimal solution for heavy-duty applications, where high longitudinal strength is required.

The anti-bird caging tape is made from high-performance fibers and thermoplastic matrix material. The fibers are protected by a jacket, this ensures a longer lifetime of the fiber tape compared to woven tape.


The ABC tape is the optimal solution for heavy-duty applications.

Key features

  • Made from high-performance fibres and thermoplastic materix material
  • The fibres are protected by a jacket, ensuring a longer life time of the fibres compared to woven tape
  • The tape is non-adhesive
  • Unidirectional fibres
  • Available in standard and high temperature version 


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